Michael Marmo, Founder & CEO, Curbside
Michael Marmo, Founder & CEO An average person in the U.S. generates about 4.5 pounds of waste per day, amounting to 139.6 million tons of waste annually. Out of all the industrial and household waste, the construction and demolition (C&D) waste nationwide amounts to more than twice the municipal solid waste, of about 230 million to 530 million tons per year.

This increasing amount of trash is harmful to the environment and makes it extremely difficult for builders to manage waste efficiently and cost-effectively. To this end, Curbside, a tech-integrated waste collection and disposal company offers an end-to-end commercial waste removal service to streamline home and commercial construction operations while ensuring a seamless consumer experience. “The precipice of our company is to be a tech-forward waste management company by offering a technologically advanced platform to provide quality, sustainable, and cost-effective services to clients,” states Michael Marmo, Founder CEO, Curbside.

In Marmo’s words, several construction companies struggle to maintain the sustainability and diversion rate in waste management. Especially in the construction process, data collection is essential for waste removal, where clients need real-time updates regarding the amount of waste generated and its monthly diversion rate. Unlike other waste management service providers, Curbside offers a client-facing portal that aggregates all the information and provides complete visibility into the cost, materials, and the diversion rate.

The company’s digitalized operation model permits clients to order containers online, track vehicles, and receive sustainability, diversion metrics reports, and cost-analysis for the waste removal process, on-demand.

Additionally, Curbside offers a cloud-based eCommerce platform for both homeowners and businesses, which acts as a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for the entire dumpster delivery option.

Curbside: Offering Tech-forward Waste Management Solutions

The precipice of our company is to be a tech-forward waste management company by offering a technologically advanced platform to provide quality, sustainable, and cost-effective services to clients

After logging into the portal, the clients can order, add all relevant information regarding the location and time for the container delivery, pay online, and track the containers in real-time. The portal further allows the clients to have all the information regarding the number of containers and their respective locations. They can easily order these to be delivered, exchanged, or removed. They can also pull up reports on the frequency of the orders over a specific timeframe, associated cost, and the amount of material diverted. Business clients can avail Curbside’s services via its customer portal, whereas, homeowners can order their dumpsters through the company’s website.

From an operational perspective, Curbside stays true to being completely digital and paperless. This is taken a notch higher with its fleet management software that assists in tracking their trucks in real-time, their arrival and departure, and ensuring driver safety. The company also offers tablets to the drivers to update information regarding the pick-up, delivery, and disposal of the waste collection containers. Furthermore, its enterprise ordering system feeds into a standalone dispatching software to offer visibility into the order information and allows the drivers to make the best routing decisions. This software also helps the dispatcher opt for the best route daily while retaining agility, in case of any changes. The dumpsters and containers are equipped with sensors to provide their exact location, monitor the dumpster, and receive a live feed of what is being dumped. Curbside also has a fleet management software to track their trucks in real-time, know about its arrival and departure, and ensure driver safety.

With such unique capabilities, Curbside has established itself as a one-stop-shop offering complete commercial disposal services that strategically leverages technology to fulfill all the needs of major construction sites, businesses, and homeowners. The company embodies accountability at every step of catering to clients while addressing their direct problems.

Looking ahead, Curbside will be introducing a scaling software that will integrate with affiliated disposal facilities’ systems offering real-time visibility on the vehicles that are dumping at those sites. It will also include images showing the dumped materials, dropping time, and receipt, providing complete transparency into the waste collection and disposal process. “All in all, our goal is to find innovative and automated solutions for sustainability and waste diversion, thus creating a better service experience for all our customers,” concludes Marmo.